Intercom , at the end of years of research , simplicity has developed a unique water-based adhesive application nozzle . Special nozzle ( brövel ) design, 3mm wide, water-based adhesive thanks to a homogeneous thin layer allows the placing on the desired surface . This apparatus was developed as an integral spray system . Spraying to be carried out on the counter , very thin applications can be performed easily . Saya, wallets, bags, boxes coating , ideal for the production of the album is an apparatus .
Adhesive cartridges , can be filled with the filling apparatus , wherein it is suitable for reuse . In practice, the cartridge when it runs out , eliminating any downtime at work , changing rapidly and thus provides an opportunity to continue hiring . Available in packs of bolster 35 .

Address: İ.O.S.B. Ziya Gökalp Mah. Süleyman Demirel Blv. SİNPAŞ İŞ MODERN H Blok No: H26 İkitelli,
Başakşehir İstanbul / Türkiye
Phone: 0 (212) 677 11 45 - 46
Fax: 0 (212) 677 11 47


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